The next big thing in Google Ads is here. Google’s newest product, called Outstream video ads, is a new unit designed for the ways people read, swipe and scroll. Built exclusively for mobile environments, Outstream video ads run on high-quality publisher websites and mobile apps called Google video partners.

What are the key takeaways for Google Ads advertisers?

  • In-Read Format. Up until fairly recently, advertisers had to run video ads before or during another video. But Outstream video ads autoplay whenever a user navigates to them within text content (typically an article). That means that advertisers can run video ads on publisher websites that don’t even have their own video content.

  • Viewable CPM. Ads need to be seen in order to be effective, and Outstream advertisers can take advantage of Google Ads’ Viewable CPM bidding model — which only charges advertisers for impressions when the ad is on screen and viewable. Simply put, you will not be charged for ads that the user doesn’t scroll far enough to see.

  • Non-Invasive. While Outstream video ads play on a user’s screen automatically, they will play with the sound off. Users can turn sound on or restart the video from the beginning if they wish. Outstream video ads’ non-invasive nature (you can scroll by them if you want) delivers a far better user experience that many consider to be less intrusive than in-stream units.

  • YouTube-Free. Unlike TrueView or Bumper ads, Outstream video ads don’t require placement within a YouTube video. This fundamental difference allows video advertisers to achieve viewable reach to more potential customers beyond YouTube.


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