With the ubiquity of the internet in our everyday communication, the term ‘digital marketing agency’ has almost lost its meaning. And at a time when every agency presents itself as a “digital agency,” who can you trust with your brand online?

Here’s the lowdown on digital agencies.

The agency of the future must do digital. In the “golden age” of the ad giant, brands used to hire mega agencies to produce TV commercials and print ads for mass markets — months in advance. Today, agencies also must deliver targeted messages to fragmented audiences — all in real time. And traditional agencies have responded to client demand by adding digital departments.

But traditional agencies are failing. Unsurprisingly, most large agencies still advertise on the internet the same way they advertise in mass media. In fact, many traditional agencies have attempted “cross-platform” strategies that simply repurpose broadcast or print creative without customizing it for the web. To internet users, it feels invasive and unwelcome.

Digital agencies do meet the demand. Digital agencies, which have become increasingly common over the past few years, specialize in screen-based products and services. They understand internet behavior and can engage internet users. They’re used to learning emerging technologies and built to adapt in an ever-changing industry.

But digital agencies don’t do it all. While many brands attempt to make it work with both a traditional and digital agency, this usually proves to be a short-term solution.  Because at the end of the day, brands perform the best when their strategy, message and platforms can all be managed under one roof.

Kelley & Associates is a smaller, smarter type of full-service agency. We ventured into the world of the internet in 1995, and our clients today still attest to our proven performance in web, search and social solutions. But unlike “digital agencies,” we understand just how well traditional and digital media can work together to produce results when they’re managed the right way.

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