Kelley & Associates is a small agency, but when it comes to your brand, we think BIG. Our clients of all sizes can speak to the benefits of working with our team. So is a small agency right for you? Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the right fit for your business and brand.

Fearless Insight – When it comes to marketing, creativity is key. But large agencies typically lack the team spirit to generate the best ideas. At a small agency, employees benefit from unlimited access to their superiors, sharing the best ideas from all levels.

Streamlined Results – Bigger means more employees, and large agencies often operate on a hierarchy of vice presidents, executives, directors and associate directors that hampers productive workflow.  Clients with tight timelines need a smaller agency who can cut the red tape, not double it with extra people and processes.

Fresher Ideas – Marketing evolves constantly, and small agencies are able to innovate better solutions than large agencies. Why? Because their employees take the time to know and understand their clients, continually learning new tools to reach their goals rather than sticking to a standard skill set.

Lower Overhead – Large agencies depend on a core set of deliverables, so they’re more likely to present ideas that feed their profit margins — whether it helps the client or not. Small agencies present ideas that will meet the client’s goals, not the agency’s bottom line.

In-House Responsiveness – Large agencies are great at mobilizing their resources in one direction, but struggle to switch course when the client’s needs change. Big brands need an agency that can adapt more quickly. A small agency acts as an extension of your internal marketing team, providing individualized attention from each employee including the owner.


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