The new year is finally here, and we’re ringing it in with a look at some of the mobile trends you’ll see on your smartphone this year.

Focus on video

As you’ve probably noticed, streaming video has been a big priority for social media over the last couple of years. Now that Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter accommodate live streaming and 360° video, industry analysts predict video ad spending will continue to lead digital ad growth—topping $28 billion by 2020.

Proximity marketing

As consumers grow more and more comfortable with GPS location services, more brick-and-mortar businesses will have a chance to lure in passersby with special offers and promotions delivered via Facebook and other apps. The technology isn’t new, but it’s improving and gaining credibility in the wake of last year’s Pokémon Go success. 

Chatbot adoption

Automating some aspects of customer care has long been a way to keep costs low and interaction quality high. Now Facebook Messenger and other private communication apps are poised to do for messaging what automated phone menus have done for call centers. With very little effort, brands can set up automatic responses to incoming customer messages, enabling them to set response time expectations or even redirect customers to a phone line, web address or email box for further assistance.

The integration of auto replies in popular messaging platforms, along with advancements in artificial intelligence, will be particularly helpful for small businesses that don’t have the resources to deliver the round-the-clock coverage consumers expect from social media.

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