Content Marketing is all the buzz. And according the experts, your business should be doing it. But what exactly is content marketing?

In short, content marketing means creating and sharing valuable, consistent and free content that drives customer loyalty. Sounds great, but it’s so much more than that— content marketing is your connection to customers who have tuned out traditional advertising. It’s what makes customers trust you enough to give you their business. Take a crash course below on how powerful content can enhance your marketing mix.

Showing vs. Telling

Traditional advertising is based on making claims, and brands everywhere claim to be the best, favorite or most recommended. But content marketing backs up such claims by generating useful, relevant content that supports and authenticates your brand. It’s more than selling products or services — it’s delivering meaningful information that helps your customer.

Generalized vs. Individualized
Traditional advertising typically offers a one-size-fits-all approach to reaching the most people in a given amount of time. But content marketing targets customers with the right message at the right time by allowing them to consume information how and when they want — not interrupting them with ads they didn’t ask for. Meeting the customer on their terms makes them feel understood, not annoyed.

Relationship vs. Transaction

Content marketing engages customers by delivering valuable content that educates them. And educating customers before, during and after their purchase creates value beyond the point of sale. When customers trust your expertise and authority, they reward you with not only their business, but their loyalty.

Static Vs. Shareable

Because traditional advertising is promotional messaging that doesn’t offer the customer anything of value, it’s not easily shareable. But creative content that genuinely engages readers on a regular basis helps build a loyal audience that shares with their friends, families and communities — increasing your reach exponentially. Shareworthy content must be helpful and relevant to your audience.

While traditional marketing should still be a part of your marketing mix, the slam dunk occurs when content marketing and traditional marketing work together to tell your brand story. And blogs, e-newsletters and videos are just a few places you can start your content marketing strategy. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your company with content marketing.